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Lavandula angustifolia


The True Summer Flowering Perennial


With summer now in full swing, Lavandulas are now at their peak in gardens, wafting their relaxing scents in with the appetising aroma of barbeques on warm summer evenings.

Looking ahead
Syngenta FloriPro Services has a very strong offer in both seed- and cutting-raised Lavandula. There is plenty of time before we start striking or sowing to produce young plants for you, but now could be the ideal time to review you requirements for next year whilst you enjoy these fabulous plants in the garden.

Leading the way
Lavandula Aromatico (from cuttings) and Blue Scent (from seed) are recognised by the top growers across Europe for their plant quality and performance both in commercial production and also for the consumer. We are committed to maintaining this leading position and have some exciting improvements and new introductions in both these series.

Improved performance
We bring you Aromatico Blue Improved with its stronger branching and very sturdy, thick flower stems. We also have Blue Scent Improved, significantly more uniform, shorter flower stalks on well branching plants with darker flower colour. Finally there is also the new colour White Scent Early as an addition to Blue Scent.

Javelin on target!
Look out too for the new Javelin introductions in Lavandula stoechas with their impressive colours on more compact, well branched plants, benefiting from short culture - and again the powerful scent you expect from our breeding lines.

You can find these new introductions on page 34 and 35 of our online catalogue