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Last Minute Summer Perennial Orders and Autumn Interest


It's not too late – remember to order now to keep your customers happy right through to the end of summer and into autumn.


Extend your Sales Season
Summer-flowering perennials are the ideal way to extend your season. Perhaps you already offer summer perennials alongside your annuals, but why not continue on from the annual sales with perennials right into the late summer and early autumn by potting up now?

Grow Grasses and Foliage Plants
There is also of course our new grass assortment which is ideal for planting in the later summer weeks for use in autumn mixed containers or individual sales. We have a good range of seed-raised foliage plants such as Vinca major and minor. These are ideal for use as a trailing interest in autumn baskets.

Herbs and Sedums too…
For herb interest, take a look at items such as Salvia officinalis in three distinct coloured varieties. They are also ideally suited for autumn sales, and should all be planted in the next few weeks. Why not also look to our sedum assortment for further interest? We have a comprehensive assortment of many forms and colours.