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“Syngenta provide an excellent service both with quality and customer service in mind. Being supplied by Syngenta Seeds Ltd is more like an ongoing partnership than a working relationship as both our companies flourish and grow together.”

Chris Roberts B.Sc., P.G.Dip., M.Phil
Boverton Nurseries Ltd



“I have been dealing with Syngenta UK Limited for about the last 12 years supplying plugs to fulfil some of our now 1.6 million plug plant requirements.

During this time I have found the quality/consistency of plugs supplied to be excellent. From representative intervention through to order acknowledgements, to deliver and on to invoicing, the whole process is very slick and very rarely do any problems occur in relation to orders confirmed. Considering the range is so large this is quite remarkable. Prices are very competitive and the collection of trays works very well indeed.

They are a first class company, are very aware of issues affecting growers and are responsive to these, and my orders to them have steadily increased through these years.”

Rod Pooley
Nursery Officer
Bristol City Council



“We have used Syngenta FloriPro Services® for many years as our main supplier and are very pleased with the service and quality of the plants we receive. We look forward to working closely together in the future.”

John Turner
Barnsfold Nurseries



“We have been growing bedding plants and pot plants for over sixty years during which time we have dealt with a large number of plant, seed and cutting suppliers. Syngenta FloriPro Services™ have been supplying the bulk of our needs now for some six years in what has become an extremely competitive market.

Our local representative John Miles is very helpful in advising on selecting new varieties, types and applications as well as dealing with the day to day management of our account. The quality of the material supplied is of a very high standard and the rigid plug trays together with the 'pusher' supplied are easy to use. The transport department make every effort to deliver promptly and punctually, a great help in managing and minimising staff requirements.

The recent inclusion of Goldsmith varieties, and well known Fischer Geraniums have proved a valuable addition to their range. Our Cyclamen crop has been of a very high standard this year as has the excellent range of Delta Pansy.”

Philip Glen
Showell Nurseries



“I deal with Syngenta FloriPro Services® because of their consistency, quality and range of product and their back-up in terms of trials and research. Service levels have also greatly improved with the new team. Keep up the good work!”

Seamus Mcgrane
Glenbank Nursery



“We have traded with Syngenta for many years and would recommend them to other nurseries/purchasers.”

Walter Back
Blue Ribbon Plants
Wophams Lane Nursery



“Syngenta FloriPro Services® are my main supplier of plug plants and if they covered all my crops they would be my only supplier.

No one else can match their consistent quality and smooth delivery service. Problems are very rare. The perfect partner.”

Jason Tuck
Hale Lane Nursery, (M G Webber)



“I have been dealing with Syngenta FloriPro Services® for a few years now and have found you get a whole lot more. Not only do you get great quality young plants in the unique x-tray, but a great delivery service, fantastic customer care, and brilliant back up service. We also receive guidance and advice on plant selection to cater for the needs and requirements for our retail nursery.

Dealing with Syngenta FloriPro Services® gives you the confidence and reassurance you are not on your own, but part of the Syngenta family”.

Lynda Thompson
Moygannon Nursery