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Sjaak Polman Chooses Deltas


Sjaak Polman's nursery in Teuge originally grew vegetable plants, and it was not until 1989 that it started producing flowers, beginning with pelargoniums.


He then branched into hardy annuals from seed and from cuttings before growing our Delta violas for the first time around 15 years ago, It is a move he is glad he made. "We have tried other series in that time, but we always come back to the Deltas because they are so reliable", he says.

Far Fewer Losses with Deltas

He continues to be impressed by Deltas' uniformity and their consistency within each colour. "No other series can beat that", Mr Polman comments. He also experiences far fewer losses with Deltas, reckoning that for every 110sq m of product ,109sq m remains saleable. "Keeping losses to a minimum is really important to us".

Quality Shines Through

His Delta crop is also easy and straightforward to manage - and because no growth regulators are required Deltas are also environmentally friendly. The nursery normally receives its order of 500-600,000 Deltas in late February or early March and while it originally used to sell at auctions, the quality of its plants was noted, resulting in sales direct to the trade.

Special Colours

Sjaak Polman delivers Deltas in 9cm pots, complete with barcode and care instructions. "The market is increasingly asking for special and 'trendy' colours", he says, "especially in urban areas, while traditional colours are stronger in rural markets".