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Premier Plug


First for perennials


Our Premier Plugs are a special collection of over-wintered perennials which result in many more plants per plug compared to standard plugs.

The seedlings are distributed evenly across the plug, and not just in the centre. With more plants per plug, just one plug is needed to pot up a two or three litre pot. The finished product is comparable to planting with three 264 plugs.

Production is economical as growing time is reduced, along with transplanting losses and transplanting costs. Faster results mean improved earliness and a longer selling season for you. Direct-sown plugs give superior plants, while reduced numbers per tray means greater flexibility where choice and promotional opportunities are concerned.

Premier Plugs have great benefits for growers, giving impressive results every time. There has been plenty of positive grower feedback since we introduced them. Premier Plugs are suitable for both specialist and non-specialist perennial growers. You may miss a cost saving opportunity if you do not grow these very special perennial plugs.