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New Annuals & Perennials Catalogue 2017


Plenty of top quality new introductions in the Annual & Perennials 2017 catalogue


Syngenta FloriPro Services's newly launched Annuals & Perennials 2017 catalogue has plenty to offer growers for the season ahead. Pelargoniums have long been a FloriPro speciality, and the company plans to launch ground-breaking new varieties in the near future, beginning with the introduction of a new Pelargonium peltatum series.


Lavandula angustifolia Blue ScentNamed Super Cascade, it will be offered in three striking new colours - Red, Rose and Salmon - while its superbly branching habit means just one cutting or young plant is required to fill a pot. The Super Cascades are extremely floriferous, have outstanding outdoor performance, and the distinct advantage of self-cleaning flowers.

Other features include Syngenta FloriPro Services's premium genetics Pelargonium Interspecific Hybrid Caliente and Calliope, and its first class mass-market series Pelargonium zonale Tango with intense dark foliage. Tango is available in a wide range of colours and is remarkably early to flower.

MultiColoursThe Annuals & Perennials 2017 catalogue also highlights MultiColours, colourful mixed combinations which bring great benefits - from grower to consumer. This extensive, carefully chosen range of tried and tested mixes are sure to impress, and are a real eye-catcher in-store. MultiColours ensure easy production, a high level of appeal at point-of-sale and prolific flowering in gardens. They will appeal to both impulse buyers and regular customers alike. MultiColours focus on multiple types of combinations including mixes of cutting- and seed-propagated varieties delivered as three single plugs.

begonia_semperflorens_topspinLook out also for Begonia semperflorens Topspin, the first semperflorens variety which can be produced at just 12 °C and still reach the highest quality standards. Topspin is less cold-sensitive than other varieties, and has fewer disease problems. It has the best uniformity within and between colours, is extra-fast and early to flower, making it ideal for early sales.

Gaillardia aristata Sunrita Burgundy ImprovedSyngenta FloriPro Services once again has a large selection of choice perennials on offer, including two notable new introductions for the 2017 season. Gaillardia aristata Sunrita Burgundy Improved has a strong, rich colour; the uniform plants have an excellent, branching habit and their flowers are borne for many weeks.

Lavandula angustifolia Blue ScentLavandula angustifolia Blue Scent® Improved is a major improvement on the original Blue Scent®, with shorter, more uniform stems and a darker flower colour. Early into bloom and with an eye-catchingly branching habit, it is ideal for attracting impulse sales in-store.



he new Annuals & Perennials catalogue 2017 will be available online at or printed versions can be sent on request.