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Deltini - the new generation in Violas


It's time to order our early- and free-flowering Viola Deltini™ to ensure you have supplies of this superb series which takes Viola cornuta to another level, with its bright new colour introductions, also now offered as a mixture.


The easily programmable Viola Deltini™ series is genetically compact, free-branching, non-stretching and uniform, and is well suited to mass production in smaller pots and also to premium applications. Great for both autumn and spring flowering, flowering in the spring without the need to pick flowers gives major cost savings in labour and huge benefits in crop quality. It also has a short pot-to-flowering time for a rapid turnaround.




Viola Deltini™ is suitable for 9 - 10.5 cm pots and packs. Very early and superbly uniform, Deltini™ really brings a touch of magic to the garden, whether in beds, borders or patio containers, where its sparkling colours will brighten up any display. Many of the ‘faces’ also have a cheeky appeal - sure to bring a smile to anyone!

Make sure you have supplies of Viola Deltini™ for your customers.