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Calientes® - flying the flag


When you are looking for something special for ground cover or for containers, Pelargonium Hybrid Caliente® really fits the bill!


We pride ourselves on all our Pelargoniums, but Caliente® is one of our 'flagship' series which carries the Syngenta FloriPro Services banner wherever it goes.


Fire, Fire, Fire!

The three Calientes® - Coral, Deep Red and Rose - and the three dark-leaved Dark Calientes® - Pink, Hot Coral and Orange - are now joined for the forthcoming season by Dark Caliente® Fire, a brand new colour you must not miss. All are particularly floriferous, providing many weeks of colour and interest wherever they are used.

Great habit
The Calientes® have a medium-vigorous habit, which makes them ideal for landscaping or for containers of all types, where their gently cascading nature can be appreciated as the season progresses.

Superb performers
Whatever the weather, Calientes just keep on flowering, giving superb garden performance. They take cool, damp conditions and hot dry spells in their stride - and their foliage is not prone to 'yellowing'.

Low maintenance
An added bonus is that Caliente® flowers are self-cleaning, so reducing the need for maintenance. The plants have a leaf type between that of Pelargonium zonale and Pelargonium peltatum All are well suited to 12-15cm pots. Calientes® require a starting temperature of 17-19°C and a finishing temperature of 12-15°C.

Time to order
May we remind you that Calientes® can be ordered from now until December. Check also