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Another Award for Lanai Twister


Our range of Verbena Lanai Twister® just cannot stop winning awards! 


The latest accolade is for Lanai Twister® Blue, which was given a prestigious Golden Tulip award by FloraHolland earlier this year. It was described by the jury as 'the ultimate garden plant'. Other comments included 'truly distinctive' and 'simply a beautiful plant'.

Earlier Successes for Twister®
We are also proud Verbena Twister® Red won a FleuroStar in 2012, IPM Neuheit and the ‘Innovert Or’ in the new plants category at Salon du Végétal, the leading French exhibition. This fantastic series is now a 'must-stock' subject for retailers as gardeners become aware of its outstanding performance, vibrant blooms and long-lasting displays all around the garden.
Verbena Twister is available in three striking colours - Red, Pink and Blue - all from the breeding lines of Verbena Lanai and specially selected for their health, ‘flower power’ and mildew-tolerance. 

Perfect Choice for Containers
As Twister is a trailing plant, it is perfect in full sun or partial shade for patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes, and it is also a great choice in beds and as ground-cover. Each flower has a distinctive and unusual pattern, giving them a unique 'twist'.
Early to flower and with an excellent branching habit, the neat plants become smothered in large, eye-catching blooms all summer long.

POS Support to Boost Sales
Twisters have with their own POS material, including eye-catching labels. Visit for our online POS shop with your log-on details or ask your representative for more details. You can also visit the Twisters’ website @